How to get the real value from coaching, mentoring, consulting

Investing in yourself or your team can take a lot of time. If you are resorting to the services of a coach, mentor or consultant, it costs a lot of money (and maybe less time). If you do not take your project seriously, it will money wasted and time squandered. Honestly, I have the impression many people are wasting their time when they are going to a coach, and many organizations do the same when they call in a consultant.

Let’s review some of the key things you should do to get the best out of your coaching investment:

  1. Don’t get the same lesson twice
  2. Focus
    Be on time for each session (whether on the phone, chat or in person). Turn off any distraction during the session (mobile phone, call waiting, pager). Bring your agenda, progress and issues journal, and homework to the session. Do your homework, and send it 24hr in advance if you want me to review it.
  3. Own the process
    This includes complying with reasonable directions throughout the process, like expressing when you do not want to answer a question rather than making up stories, taking full responsibility for your choices and decisions, sharing your doubts if you feel the coaching is not working as desired, using your best efforts to resolve any challenge that may arise

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