Giving thanks. Giving, thanks :)

Have you ever felt so thankful, you want to pay it forward? 🙂
This year was particularly sweet for me, so I pay it forward.
So? Now I will help you, your friend, or your firm for FREE.

Tara, our elder girl, reminded us recently the importance and joy of giving, when she started bringing us to a soup kitchen on Monday nights, to wrap and share food with the needy. 


Since I coach and consult better than I wrap chicken rice, I am offering coaching and consulting.
I pledge 24 hours of charitable coaching and consulting from now till year-end.

Why 24?
Because 8 8 8 is a significant number in the Chinese culture.
Because it is enough time to create plenty of goodness.
Because, with the rest of my activities, I cannot honestly commit more this month, and I am not into false promise.
And because I cannot give away all my time. Tara and her little sister have their own needs, which I must cater to.

So, enough chit-chat, if you have:
– a wrong to right,
– a vision to realize,
– a promotion to get,
– a project to wrap up,
– a project to kick-start,
– a habit to kick or start,
– a challenge to overcome,
– or a friend or firm with such needs, (and will to succeed)…

Contact me privately!
I will be glad to pay forward all the good that poured on me, and make you want to do the same with others.



Life is never without challenge – reason enough to remember the good.

I am thankful for all the good that poured on me this year: becoming American, reuniting with my family after a period away, sharing a month with my parents in France, meeting wise new friends and reconnecting with good-hearted ones.; being introduced to great people and offered opportunities to be paid for what I love – helping others grow, overcome and achieve – for corporations and small firms. Aborting a start-up and learning from it; helping another land a Silicon Valley client, another take roots in Singapore, and contributing to a new incubator, and seeing a client obtain a promotion, another rid off habits that had held him back, another launch a new organization… 

May you see the good that poured on you, and give thanks, then give. Thanks 🙂

Contact me! Let’s give you reasons to pay forward!

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