What drives you?

In a previous post (Why your coworkers have already dropped their New Year resolutions… and why you won’t), we discussed how we need drivers to keep us going, and what the major drivers are.

carrot and stick 2

  • Inner passion is what drives you when you truly love what you do.
  • Strong beliefs drives you with the certainty and pride that you are doing the right thing
  • Compelling goal is what drives you when you want to achieve something and trade a little of pain now, for a lot less pain, or a lot more pleasure later.
  • Inspiring vision is what drives you when you want to change the world, or your situation in a grand manner.
  • External pressure is what drives you through fear of the future, peer pressure or emulation compel you to a course of action.

Now let see what drives us. Take our super short survey about what drives you:

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