Numbers, numbers…

How often do you see this happen?
Someone has “all the numbers” and gets carried away!

They do not know the facts, what happens in the field.
But their quick conclusions feel so hard to question.
Facts seem too anecdotal without calculations.
Numbers don’t lie, right? So you just yield.

But numbers only tell you so much.
And they are only right in certain conditions…
Ignore them, make them say more than they should …
And suddenly, everything is possible! (particularly blunders)

So dial up the volume.

Hear your customers, partners, staff and managers.
They too have their stories. Go, see what happens.
Small stories that win or lose people, one at a time.
Real stories that win or lose quarters, over time.

Numbers are powerful; so is your context.
You need both. Watch and listen in stereo.
Augmented Reality is big, and may be next.
Augmented Awareness is now and up to you, though.

So study the numbers, immerse in the stories.
Feel the system contradictions, complexities,
the narrative, behind the dots and anecdotes.
And past the confusion, find opportunities.


Oh, and if you look for a tune for this one… It would have to be Highway to Hell.

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