What does play teach us about work (and life)? Round 3 :)

What MORE can play teach us about work and life?

A gem trader in Renaissance Florence, you traded gems and gold well and are about to secure a noble family support… With another trader (your wife in another life) nearing victory as well, you have a choice between a crushing blow and a move that could leave her a chance to win. What do you do?

Games are immersive. They draw you in. You may seat at a table with friends. But, for all purposes, you are in another world – a hero, a merchant, a scoundrel, a captain, a head of state or corporation. You think, decide and act through this filter of responsibilities.

This is only a filter. Behind the facade is you, behind the plan your brain, behind the choices your heart and behind the moves your hand.

Games show you You, all of You – good, holy, smart, dummy, patient, hasty, clement, opportunist, resilient, bad, ugly…

Seeing how you react to situations you are thrown into, is a wonderful pathway to SELF-AWARENESS !

You learn a great deal about you.

I want to expose myself, feel the forces at play, pressure, opportunities, and see what I do, who I am. “We are [afterall] what we do repeatedly”, per Aristotle.

Seeing what I do, how, is every time a chance to learn about me.


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