I am Frederic Ducros.
I help executives, change-makers grow, overcome and win,
so they make their organizations grow, overcome and win.

So, what is success for you?

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Organizations use a lot of machines, but they are not machines. Heavily automated high-tech factories, near-virtualized services, hospitality, public services, all rely on people to design and bring to the world their intended commercial and/or social value.

Yet, most organizations are dreadful at bringing the best from the people who can impact so much their future.



Separate from the pack. Bring your people together. And together, do great things.

I have worked with / for ...
Clients - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Clients - Flextronics
Clients - Oracle
Clients - Singapore Government
Worked with Deloitte
Worked with KPMG
Worked with Cathay Pacific
Worked with AirAsia

Issues I can help you with


Human Energy

Energy is precious - not just oil and gas, nuclear, solar, wind or hydro... but also human energy. Life, joy, optimism, caution, grit... Character leads to sustained success.

Bring LIFE back.


Vision(s) that get you there

How many visions One, Biggest, First... These are neither grounded in what is hard (what makes them necessary), nor inspiring, they fall short.

Craft visions that MOVE people.


Strategy and strategies

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Continuous Improvement

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Deliberate Discovery

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Ruthless Execution

How many brilliant strategies died a slow death, as teams in charge of their execution failed to realize their potential? 

Strategy. Executed. With YOU.