Transforming in Europe - Americas ?

I serve Europe, Americas and the Middle East from the greater Geneva / Lyon area.

transformng Europe
25 rue du Mail, #501
Lyon, 69004
+33 (0)7 66 56 87 26

Transforming in Asia ?

I serve Asia and the Middle East from Kuala Lumpur.

transformng Asia
8, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, #B-38-5
Kuala Lumpur, 50470, WP KL
+60 17 280 5302  & WhatsApp +60 11 1537 3898

Ready to work differently?

Ready to step into what's next? Let’s talk.

Let's have a 30-minute conversation that will start changing the course of things to come.

  • Clarify where we are, want to (and can) go next, what matters most and what to do first

  • Explore and adopt new ways of seeing, exploring, experimenting, deciding, working, etc.

  • Select, pilot, and deploy the most relevant technologies (be they high-tech or not)

  • Refresh your mission, vision, business and operating models, strategies, plans and partnerships

  • Reveal and grow leaders, change-makers, and followers, help them assemble and bring change together

  • Orchestrate efforts, foster learning, support and celebrate individual growth and collective progress