How to get clear+done

We use words, visuals, mock-ups that your mother will understand. We do not “develop business-aligned technology strategies“; we discuss with you and your team, then suggest what will help. We do not “combine specialist skills to provide objective advice and execution to help preserve and improve value” (don’t forget to take a breath); we bring the right people for conversations to matter. We do not speak like idiot-savants; we speak like you, when you speak with your friends and you don’t have to sound smart, because they know you are.

We stop at nothing to keep you engaged. We do not rely on tools developed in 1953 by a long gone founder who got a PhD on the emergence of typewriters; we use the tools that work today. Admittedly, we still use some old tools and tricks too, because we know they work. We use common tools like whiteboards, flip charts, cameras, your own smartphones, tablets, and we combine them with modern social network and collaboration technologies. We also use quotes, stories, and all sort of games and magic tricks (literally) to keep you engaged. We embed in your teams like no other have or will (you’ve got to see this). And we use the web, to be with you any time you need.

We involve your people. We do not involve three random people in your company, and ask them to do our photocopies while we retain our knowledge. We involve all your people even if your team involves 16,000 individuals. We do not build a plan on our own, somewhere in a cosy office, far from your operations. We build the plan with you, in our joint war room. this plan is not a 2,000-line project plan, it is 20-line one pager, with 10 other one pagers for your “captains”. We emphasize their autonomy, and then we coordinate, we help them work together.

We iterate (again and again). Forget your detailed 5-year roadmap. It looks good and reassuring on paper, but will fail more often than not. Blame it on life. Explorers (who come back) do not start with a “journey map” precise to the inch across a land no one ever visited. It wouldn’t reassure them, because it’s an illusion. Similarly, you cannot make a detailed plan of what will happen a year from now. Instead, we believe in iterations. Make a high-level road map, then iterate with small objectives.

We integrate ideas from different worlds. Can the largest producer of clean energy in the United States find inspiration in the way Singapore Airlines manage their fleet of planes? Can a casino find inspiration in the way Procter & Gamble bring innovation into their business units? Product design. Innovation. Architecture. Urban planning. Visual design. Social media. Software development. Human development. We bring the wisdoms and techniques of all these disciplines to make change happen, and last (until the next change, that is).

We help you get clear, engaged, and done. We make dreams come true – with You.                                                                             Want to know more? Contact me.