Consulting ↷ Facilitation ↷ Coaching

“In an engagement where it was incredibly difficult to find people who “got it,” Frederic took the extra time to explore different angles and penetrate the real problem. Frederic’s ability to critically analyze technical, political, and cultural issues was incredibly valuable, and I always found our interactions thought provoking. Frederic is a master of asking the right question. I hope our paths cross again in the future.”

Joe Schueller hired Frederic as a Consultant in 2008

“Frederic is very personable, intelligent and passionate. His ideas are non-conventional, compelling and very thought-provocating. I enjoyed his sense of humour and “out-of-the-box” thinking. Frederic helps organizations re-invent themselves and implement new ideas.”
Bernard ChongDirector, Global Alliance (Enterprise Services), Hewlett-Packard was with another company when working with Frederic at KPMG

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Frederic on a strategic project for a major Houston based client. Frederic elevates the conversation and helps clients see the forest through the trees. He is an excellent leader and consensus builder with a unique ability to bring teams together for a common goal. It was a pleasure working with Frederic and I look forward to working with him again.”
Trey WylesAccount Executive, Oracle worked with Frederic at Oracle
“I had the pleasure of working with Frederic on a very important project for a F100 customer that was very visible to the key executives. Frederic is one of the most creative, innovative and well-rounded individuals that I have ever worked with. He is very astute technically and brings a tremendous amount of energy, excitement and passion. He is definitely an “out-of-the box” thinker with great ideas.”
Laura MazzarinoTechnology Solutions Manager for P&G, Oracle worked with Frederic at Oracle
“Frederic is a gifted strategist. He taught me ways to tell a story that can be understood by both technologists and business people.
Brad GoodwinInsight Program Director, Oracle USA worked with Frederic at Oracle
“Frederic is a creative, driven strategy director. He has considerable consulting and IT skills in addition to his ability to create intriguing content, unique perspectives, useful frameworks and models. Frederic also possesses a great spirit and is a team player. His innovative ideas and strategic thinking can help any organization move forward.”
Patrick BaeselDirector – Insight IT Strategy, Oracle worked directly with Frederic at Oracle
Frederic can take very complex concepts and break them down into simple, easy to understand graphics or animated videos to highlight facts or findings. Frederic’s enthusiasm, creativity, attention to detail and analytical mind makes him an asset to any team.”
Trevor NaidooSenior Director – Insight IT Strategy, Oracle worked directly with Frederic at Oracle

“Frederic’s energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude are remarkable. He has deep consulting skills and a great ability to get to the root of a problem.”
Tom WilsonVP, HR, Trianz worked with Frederic at Trianz

Facilitation ↷ Consulting ↷ Coaching

“Frederic took our team of rebellious developers and turned them around with strategy and planning. He took projects that had no deadline and got them finished, while improving documentation standards and overall company moral.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity June 25, 2012

Jeff Hamersly hired Frederic as a Business Consultant in 2010
“Prior to Frederic joining us, our marketing strategy and product development process was in complete disarray. Frederic took command of the situation, and provided us with real results. As a result of his involvement, we now have a process for how products are designed, developed and deployed, clearly aligned with our marketing strategy. As a business consultant, Frederic is skillful, result focused, extremely creative, and accountable. He delivered value measurable in cost savings, realized opportunity costs, and a real increase in revenues.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity June 30, 2010 
Brandon Wade hired Frederic as a Business Consultant in 2009
“Frederic is a great conceptual thinker and helps diverse audiences “get” complex ideas and issues in easy to understand language. This is especially important for companies under-going significant changes. Frederic’s no non-sense approach to outlining and communicating key business and change issues has been extremely valuable to our effort to get the parent and subsidiary companies aligned as we continue working on our ERP effort.” September 5, 2007 
Steve Firth hired Frederic as a Business Consultant in 2006
“Frederic is one of the smartest, hard-working and pleasant to work person I ever worked with.” August 19, 2010
Philippe OmbredanneSenior Manager, Bearingpoint (formerly KPMG Consulting) managed Frederic at BearingPoint
“Among many outstanding achievements, Frederic basically was one of the first ones in the global SAP team of KPMG to feel ready to e-enable SAP. He was able to document the concept  of bringing transactions to the web for partners and customers, investigate the tools, sell the concept to the global Senior leadership of the firm (partners in USA and EMEA), put together a team and build a prototype despite various obstacles, demonstrate it at large trade shows with great success, All that as a Senior Consultant!!! A great experience and I was glad to be part of that team!” September 12, 2006 
Fabien DiakhateSAP SM Snr Consultant, KPMG Consulting worked directly with Frederic at KPMG Consulting

Coaching ↷ Facilitation ↷ Consulting

“Frederic is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. His thought process and hunger for details is the thing which makes him different from others. He is a fine counsellor, full of humorous analogies that make you relate to your current situation in a better way.” November 10, 2011
Ritesh ChandraManager, KPMG reported to Frederic at KPMG Services Pte. Ltd.

“Frederic’s honest and outgoing personality made it very easy for us to establish an excellent relationship. His advice was always straightforward, ethical and realistic. He is very good at encouraging people to challenge themselves, and at the same time, ensuring that they maintain a balanced and methodical approach which prevents the challenges from becoming unachievable or unrealistic. He was very quick to understand my strengths, weaknesses, work preferences and overall personality, and his advice reflected this understanding. He applauded the good and pointed out what was lacking – but always with advice on how to transform it into something good. Over time, our relationship grew to one where I was able to discuss most issues openly. His counseling was largely responsible for me getting promoted earlier than expected.” August 21, 2007
Gautam NarayanSenior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting worked indirectly for Frederic at Deloitte Consulting
“Frederic was the manager of one of my projects. I enjoyed working for him because he can: (a) provide clarity around the goals of the project, (b) clearly segment the project into feasible milestones, (c) develop an executable action plan that met the needs of the client, (d) control project scope creep, and (e) provide the appropriate balance of autonomy, direction, and support. I’ve worked for many managers and a good one is worth their weight in gold. I recommend Frederic because great managers are few and far between – and they make a critical difference when it comes to project performance, client satisfaction, and employee growth/morale.” August 25, 2007
Geeta BhadauriaSenior Consultant, Trianz reported to Frederic at Trianz
“Working with Frederic to prepare a training session was a great learning experience. He had a clear vision not only of the information he wanted to convey during the session, but also exactly how he wanted to package and present it. I greatly valued his input on teaching an interactive, stimulating and fun training class to 20-25 attendees. Over the course of preparing and presenting the material, I not only increased my knowledge of the subject matter, but had fun along the way.” August 10, 2007
Ajay KachwahaSenior Consultant, Trianz reported to Frederic at Trianz