Grow your organization

Your team is ready for the future... But it hasn't met it yet?

Transformation is tough. Whether you are at the top of your market, high-performing, and hence not feeling the pressure to change, or you are struggling to handle day-to-day, and transforming is just one more thing you don't have the time to do...

I am here to help.

We can do this together !


Gain Clarity

Clarify your situation, aspirations, challenges, opportunities, constraints, options.



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Get Disciplined

Identify what you must excel at, what you must  practice. Practice as well as you can. Improve as you go. Stick to it. 


Get Aware

Learn to see things as they are in others eyes, not just how you want to see them.



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Life Skills

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Main Services


One-on-one / CEO Coaching

Clarifying what matters most, what to do next, the bring the team to a new level, and keep yourself sane while doing so.


Business Coaching

Clarifying where we are, what is available to us, where we want to go


Transformation Recovery

Getting a renewed energy, purpose, engagement, momentum... and actual change, for a change.


Workshops & Seminars

Bringing everyone together to 


What Clients Are Saying

"From day one, Fred lived what he preached:
• grow people, they will grow the business
• experience and grow, experiment and learn, iterate and improve.

The energy, candor, and discipline he brought, manifested in the priorities he and the team started to focus on. The way they approached challenges with the clients, particularly the questions they asked demonstrated an ability to act on a different level. This was truly transformative.

Perceptive, supportive, eloquent, he knew what to listen for, who to listen to, and when to make a point. All this helped me transform the culture of the account team, and in turn enable the service and financial turnaround."

Rob Gordon, General Manager at Hewlett-Packard $2Bn Singapore Government Digitalization

“Having worked with Frederic, I learned his unique skill of probing to find out what matters most. Many professionals  try to show they know it all; Frederic wants to "Understand,  to be understood" so he can create the value clients look for; solutions to their challenges.

Frederic has the uncanny ability to quickly understand and formulate sound directions through an iterative process, creating small wins which build on themselves to create HUGE WOW moments for the client. The baby steps are palatable and allow to experience minor set-backs in stride which all leave the solutions all the more wonderful.

His well rounded grasp of human and social interactions matched and deep technology knowledge is unmatched. ”

Jeremy PO, Producer at VIVA Film Co. Ltd.

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Robert Green

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Oliver Goodman

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