I help you make your vision real and overcome your challenges. I love it. Since ’94, I have helped businesses, teams and individuals get clear, engaged and done. I now coach executives and professionals, mentor start-ups and corporate teams, and consult with select clients.

I love the light in your eyes when you grow and results knock at the door.

To help you and your team, I blend 3 wisdoms and tool sets:

  • Business. Practicing strategy, marketing, sales, and delivery for 15 years, I faced your challenges and learnt frameworks and tools from KPMG and Deloitte; learned the inner works of great companies like Airbus, Edison, HP, Oracle, P&G, Warner… and start-ups customer cult, product focusdiscipline of innovation and iterative approach.
  • Creative. Designers, architects, artists and craftsmen bring not only arresting beauty, but also insights. Passion shows. Dedication pays off. Sleepless nights deliver. I collect inspiring words, speeches, visuals, videos and designs. They teach discipline, simplicity, insight, serenity and much more.
  • Human development. Coaches, trainers and spiritual guides, from Gallup to Robbins and Tolle teach how to do, be and feel better. Beyond cookie-cutter answers, I use personable, engaging techniques to bring deep change: profiling, visuals, graphic recording, open space, habit design, games, etc. 

Born in France, having worked in Asia, the US and Europe, I am a citizen of the world. My daughters, their mom and I live between Singapore, Silicon Valley and Paris. I learn everyday, practice simple wisdom, and share what inspires or strikes me, what I learn, do and teach, on LinkedInTwitterPinterestFacebook and Google+ with friends and like-minded.