Getting clear + done

Even villains do good deeds, even if only unknowingly.
After 13 years getting good money from small and large clients alike, consulting for or leading their organizations through transitions or product development efforts, it is time to give back. So here I am, sharing a little of what the best already know, helping you learn the easy way what I  learned the hard way.
The topic will be getting clear + done, because it is what matters in the end, and because a lot of people, teams and companies have problems getting clear + done.
People are often confused because they don’t understand what is asked of them, or don’t know what their contribution is and should be. People are also often falling short of getting done because they focus on the wrong target, lack discipline or take the tasks at hand the wrong way.
Teams are not the best place to get clear either, whether you are utterly confused or crystal clear yourself. Opinions stated as facts, petty office politics and power games, defensive attitudes to hide individual weaknesses all conspire to make teams a place where the confused gets more confused. And teams (of evil) can also be the last place where things will get done. Just add conflicting agenda and changing priorities in the mix, and you will see how fast you can miss your objective, if you have one, that is.
It does not get better when looking at organizations. Smaller ones are often unclear because they do not have enough experience, enough perspective or enough quality data at their disposal. Larger ones, on the other hand, are often unclear because they have too much experience of what can go wrong, too many conflicting perspectives and too much data to sort out the information from the noise.
Smaller organizations often fail to get done because they get stuck in minute problems that will not make a difference, or they simply lack hands. Larger organizations often fail to get things done because their efforts are not aligned, or they simply have too many cooks trying to handle the kitchen.
So this is what I am focusing on: helping organizations getting clear + done; clear about the challenges and opportunities they face, clear about the decisions they have to make, and the work they have to do… and done; done with their strategy, done with their plan, done with their product design, done with their sales…
That’s a tall order, but I am not alone here. Plus, honestly, it does not take that much to get clear +  done: the right disciplines, the right tools, and you, your team and your organization will be clear + done in no time. 🙂

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