Goals are for losers. Passion is overrated. Is this TRUE?

Goals are for losers. Passion is overrated. Is THIS true? 
The jury is still out. But confrontation sells, for sure.
Scott Adams did it again 🙂 His cynical show-me-where-it-hurts-and-press-right-on-it style is great. He’s gone a tad too far though. The presentation going around recently, supporting his most recent book, is deliberately confrontational, and deceiving. The title is deliberately shocking. To me, it feels like hearing, “we win with attack, not defence”, or “delivery is the key, not sales”, or “breathing in is more important than breathing out”. The title is deliberately shocking, but the thesis is not so much.
In short, Scott’s real thesis has little to do with goals and passion. It has to do with walking the talk: it is important, so make sure you set yourself up for success by focusing on systems (what makes things work), instead of just day-dreaming.
Is THAT true? Well, that comes closer to truth, for sure.
So many people spend their time dreaming about becoming an author, but never put the pen to the paper, or selling a product, but never make a call, or becoming a public speaking but never ask for a gig, or even raise their hand. If you want to achieve something (don’t call it a goal or Scott will get you), you will have to do. And systems are great way to make sure you do.
Anyway, the presentation is entertaining, if it is good to take it with a grain of salt. So check it out, and forge your own opinion.

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